Looking for a high quality low impact cardio workout that’s easy on your joints? Elliptical machines bring the gym to your home and provide you with a full-body workout you want. A machine that gives you a good range of exercise.

What all to consider before buying…..?

  • Resistance:

One thing that you want to look for is that there’s just a gradual change between each different setting when you adjust the resistance. You also want a machine that provides a challenge for you at the middle of the resistance level that gives you room for improvement and it also gives you some lower resistance levels where you can ease up on your workout. Some machines have an incline which allows you to challenge yourself even more.


  • Handles:

When you’re using the moving handles you should be able to maintain a nice vertical position elliptical path should appeal to you they can be round like a bicycle or more linear like a cross-country ski stroke pedals should be spaced as close together as possible. If they’re further apart that can cause stress on the ankle, knee or hip joints and it just may not feel comfortable after a while and, If you’re not comfortable with the machine, if it doesn’t feel right before you realize it, you’ll probably stop using the machine.


  • Construction, Frame materials:

Also check the construction, you shouldn’t hear any squeaking rattling or grinding and the action should be smooth. Another thing that you can look for are the frame materials, they should be solid and you should see larger bearings made of steel rather than plastic.


  • Wheels:

If the machine has wheels then instead of small wheels look for larger ones that rest on a large rail surface.


  • Hand Grips:

There are different types of moving hand grips on the different machines. Some of them provide multiple hand grip positions and others provide just a single position. Multiple hand grips are nice because it allows you to change where you’re gripping and the placement of your hand.


  • Cost, Durability:

Of course with heavier framework and larger materials it’s going to cost you a little bit more but the benefit is that the machine will probably last longer and is a little bit better built.


  • Elliptical machine Displays and Controls:

You also want your displays and controls to be clear and bright enough to read in different light conditions. The knobs and buttons should be large and well labeled larger buttons definitely provide a purpose. They’re much easier to use when your arms are moving because you’re exercising and a heart rate sensor is helpful to give you feedback on how hard you’re working.


  • Safety Check:

We also check for safety, we look at things like pinch points and entrapments . There’s a lot of moving parts but what’s really important is that you keep children and pets away from these machines.


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