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Elliptical Machine

Elliptical Machine: By now there’s no denying the need for cardiovascular exercise and many benefits that go along with it. We know this kind of exercise will burn lots of calories strengthen our heart, muscle, help us breathe easier, give us more energy and even give us a mood boost. In the last decade one of the most popular ways to achieve a good cardiovascular workout has been through the use of elliptical cross trainers. Read more…

inversion table
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Inversion Table- what to do and what to avoid

¬† Inversion Table: Inversion is more of a short-term patching type of therapy. This can’t give you relief if you are in chronic pain there’s no question but, there are no studies for long-term. The purpose of inversion therapy is to open up the discs to reduce pressure off the nerve to decompress the nerve-root to reduce pain and pressure off. Another purpose of inversion table is to go upside down where the legs are Read more…

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Rowing Machine Workout Types

Steady Style: The most basic workout is Steady State that is keeping stroke rate between about 18 strokes a minute and maybe the high end will be 24 strokes a minute and just going continuously. A workout like that can be anywhere from 10 minutes to 60 minutes or longer. You are just going at a nice comfortable easy pace that you are able to maintain, trying to hold the same spits or the same Read more…

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Best Rowing Machine Reviews

If you want to move your muscles in in a challenging yet¬†comfortable way then you must have indoor rowing machine right there in your home. Having it at home will push you to exercise everyday and slowly it will become part of your routine. Rowing machine is the most favourable among all gymming equipments because it gives you best result in low-slow impact way. This machine gives almost full body workout as it targets 4 Read more…