Elliptical Treadmill workout

Which one is better- An Elliptical or Treadmill Workout?

If you’re heading to the gym and trying to get in shape there are endless options to choose from. So what machines really work best. When it comes to getting a good cardiac workout doctors say it depends on the person. For people who have an arthritic condition in their hips knees or ankles, the elliptical option is likely the best way to go.

The benefits of the elliptical trainer is that low impact training for you. You can go forward on the elliptical trainer and backwards so it can work to a few different muscles in the same exercise, For others though who might be trying to prevent bone density loss jumping on a treadmill might be a better bet.

The benefits of the treadmill is at impact activity. If you have trying to build up your bone or prevent bone density loss,  the impact actually helps your bone to remain strong. For those who are healthy and not facing any current problems, mixing it up is always a good idea. You can maximize your fitness potential and keep your body balanced and of course talking with your physician about what’s right for you is also always a good idea.