Get Your Own Customised Fitness Routine Now

Collaborated with more than 1000 trainers around the globe. You only have to fill a small form which will be forwarded to trainers and they will use your information to create your Fitness Routine.

We are soon launching our Android App so that you can stay in touch more often and you can connect with trainers on the app to get free of cost fitness consultation for one month. Every beginner goes through a hard time to find perfect fitness routine which suits him/her and in this process, they waste a lot of money. That’s why we don’t charge you anything for 1 month, from next month if you want to continue you can subscribe by paying the respective fee.


We provide customised workout plan but it will take time to update that section on the website as developers are working on it.

To get workout routine customised for you, Fill the form which I will send you once I get notified by you that you are interested, add anything extra you want to add in that form which you think the trainer should know. Any workout routine will cost just $10 for beginners. No extra charges for consultation, It will be effective for sure and will mix with your routine so that you don’t have to find extra time for workout alone. As a beginner, we don’t put a lot of pressure on the individual, but your mind will eventually start loving the routine because it will keep you healthy, charming and will keep your skin healthy too without investing a fortune on skin and hair products. Keep your before-after pics to win mind-blowing gifts and to motivate others.

New blog on herbal skin, hair and stomach care routine using the deep knowledge of “Ayurveda” is coming soon and the website will be launched with all homemade products without any preservatives. I will keep you updated with more details if you are interested.

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