We are talking about the 7 benchmark workouts that you should know if you are using an indoor rowing machine

2 k:

Number one the holy grail of rowing machine is the 2k, 2,000 meters for time if you ask anybody who has ever been on a machine for any period of time this is perhaps the most feared workout in rowing right now. This is because it falls in that sweet spot between just a little bit too long and not short enough so it is really both a physical and a mental test.

500 meter:

Now number two it is the 500 meter. This is just a pure sprint, it will take you anywhere from 1 minute and 13 seconds. I believe that somewhere around the world record to 2 minutes and 45 seconds maybe even 3 minutes, it just depends on your abilities but this is your all-out sprint capability and this is an excellent test for you to have.

5 k:

Number three is the 5k or 5000 meters now. This is your endurance test this is also a bit of a bear. It may take you anywhere from 17 up into the 30-minute range. This is one of those where you just have to settle in and get comfortable being uncomfortable. These are your starter three most important workouts.

1000 meter:

Next we’re going to go to the thousand meter with rowing machine. Those of you in CrossFit, this is an excellent test. You should always have this one in your back pocket so know that thousand meter time.


Next we are going to go to what is called the Wingate test with rowing machine. This one is particularly short but it is an excellent test for your max power, that is what you are testing is your ability for power output. So this is a very interesting test for that specific purpose and you can use it to relay in to other things, so make sure that you have this one under your belt.


After that number six we like to get into calorie using calories as a test. So one of our favourites is to run sixty calories for time, rest as needed until you feel fully recovered and then you are going to program the monitor for the exact amount of time it took you to complete sixty calories and then see how many calories you can get in that amount of time. So it’s a two part test sixty calories for time rest as needed we like about ten minutes and from there you’re going to row the time it took you to row sixty calories and see how many calories you can row in that time. It’s an excellent mental test.


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